Greece. Halkidiki. Kassandra. Kanistro. Every day at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort we are engaged in the unrivalled miracles of this earthborn sanctuary. The sun-kissed sand, the warm air, cool springs and green trees of Kassandra, the birds, the blue sky, the lore and the myths for ancient deities, giants and nymphs… the mirage & reality of Greece.

In order to preserve this haven, we paid special attention during design and construction stages. The greatest consideration was taken in selecting and handling materials, in order to create a venue with a contemporary environmental significance.

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is founded upon green forethought and eco-principles. We are committed to operate and grow, maintaining the highest level of sustainability.

Minimizing the venue’s impact on the lush green forests, water ground springs, crystal seawater and sandy beaches, is a top-level priority, which stems from the top of the corporate ladder and is implemented down to the property level

Environmental Responsibility is an integral part of our business strategy. We develop and utilize different policies and constructions novelties that result in the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions and inspire our guests and peers to contribute to a thriving and prosperous planet.

Energy efficiency

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort’s enviromental footprint is minimal, due to the state of the art Geothermic Exchange System. It is the all same system that provides space cooling and heating, pool heating as well as hot water in the most energy efficient way.

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent of 632 tons of CO2 annually.

The 8300 sqm of energy efficient green roofs with drought tolerant succulents, offers support to the environment and also a visually aesthetic space for our guest to see and enjoy. This kind of flora is sustained in a shallow substrate layer and requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, it provides many benefits for the environment such as reduction of the heat island effect and contributes to the air and water quality of the area.


One of the major strategic targets of the Miraggio Eco-footprint program is the waste management. We have set ambitious targets in order to minimize waste and to recycle at the highest possible rate.

Materials which are recycled are:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Batteries
  • Lamps
  • Fats and oils
  • Appliances
  • Paper
  • Metal

Environmental Activities

The resort offers to the guest various environmental excursions such as biking and hiking in the surrounding area revealing the beauty of its biodiversity and nature. Our Kid’s Planet offers educational activities for our young fellows where they learn to identify various herbs of the region and their benefits, culinary introduction to the Greek cuisine as well as lessons of Greek Mythology through interesting gameplay. For further information in regards to the activities provided please contact our guest relations desk.

Cooperation and Awards

We are proud of our extensive corporate social strategy which includes cooperation with various local and national organizations. We actively support the national organization for the welfare of the Mediterranean Seal Monachus Monachus as well as the local organization for culture and tradition in order to maintain the authenticity of the region and contribute to the sustainability of its unique environment. As part of our corporate social responsibility we also support national wide organizations for the rights and welfare of the children.

The resort has been awarded many rewards for its green policy and construction and has been certified with ISO 14001:2015 for its environmental sustainability.

Thank you for your contribution and support of our Miraggio Eco-footprint program.