Easter is a very important holiday in Greece, perhaps the most important as it combines 3 things that the Greeks hold close to their hearts: customs, gastronomy, and the great Greek outdoors. Having celebrated Clean Monday in February, that commences a period of gradual Lent leading up to Holy Saturday and giving way to the King of feasts, Easter Sunday, it is also a good opportunity to celebrate the coming of Spring, that so much reminds us of our favourite season yet: Summer!

At Miraggio, we welcome Easter, Greek style! And we have it all: a stunning landscape with an immaculate beach, a traditional take on fine dining with the expertise of our culinary masters, and a festive attitude! Join us for experiencing the Greek customs in a unique, dreamy setting of luxury that enhances your well-being at every chance.

Sample the modern take on traditional, Greek lenten cuisine until Good Friday. The dishes are carefully devised and prepared, packed with wholesome goodness, rich in nutrients and tastefully balanced. Many recipes are based in vegetables, legumes, and traditional delicacies such as pies, taking lenten cuisine to a whole new dimension. These lenten dishes are in addition to our regular fine dining options, for those who do not wish to follow the lent menu, however, it is highly recommended you give it a go, and immerse into the season’s customs.

On Holy Saturday, typically after the Resurrection from 12am onwards, Greeks return home to enjoy the first meal that includes a little bit of meat. At Miraggio, we reproduce the typical homemade dinners, serving Magiritsa soup made with lamb viscera and fragrant herbs, an alternative Chicken soup, plus meat varieties and salads.

As Easter Sunday dawns, you don’t have to raise a finger. Snooze away in your suite as we are setting everything up for the greatest feast of them all! Lamb roasting takes hours, and we are up early making preparations on our gorgeous beach until about 11am, which you are invited to observe, and get acquainted with this hundred year old custom. We cordially invite you to taste our traditional appetisers, ‘meze’, the Greek tapas, with a bit of Ouzo to get your spirits soaring, accompanied by live music to kick start the celebration. And when the lamb is ready, our Kritamo restaurant will be the host of the most delicious traditional Easter lunch you have ever tried.

Let’s raise our Red Easter eggs, and toast in celebration of the Resurrection, of Light and rebirth. If you have the egg that cracks all the rest, then you have been blessed with luck until next Easter.

Celebrate this Easter holiday with us and benefit from our offers, so you can experience all the above at further added value. We are expecting you!

Happy Easter! Καλό Πάσχα και Χρόνια πολλά!