Your body is the temple of your soul. Treat it well. It is the casing of your spirit and so, it should be treated accordingly. At Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, we are firm believers of treating the body as it deserves, from the inside as well as on the outside. You can achieve it in the four phases outlined here.

1) Cleansing is key.
2) Hydration is salient.
3) Nourishment is paramount.
4) Relaxation is crucial.

All About Body - Part 2 looks at the phases three and four; nourishment and relaxation.

Here’s how we do it!

Phase Three : Nourishment || Body Rituals 
Nourishing your body and giving it exactly what it needs is the next step to achieving perfect skin texture. Each individual has different needs and your body will tell what they are, as long as you are watching out for the signs. We should not neglect our skin needs, if we want to maintain it in mint condition. Identify those needs before they become too apparent and you have to act reactively. Proactive is always the way to go for the best results, and ideally keep a regular nourishment routine that will prolong a general sense of wellness, leaving your skin looking plump and youthful. Our Body Rituals are designed to provide your body precisely that. Depending on your skin needs you can choose from a variety of options that combine body sculpting massages, with anti-cellulite treatment with body masks and nurturing moisturisers. Others incorporate scrubs and peels, while others focus on deep relaxation and revitalisation. It should be noted that we use only top quality skincare products, such as Valmont.

Phase Four: Relaxation || Full body massages
nd what is the point of all the above if you don’t incorporate the final and most crucial type of body treatment of all? The benefits of full body massages need no introductions. They aim at working on all levels of muscles to achieve that soothing effect that releases tensions that your body accumulates over time. Stress from our everyday life takes its toll on our bodies without us realising it. Fitness routines are good for the body, that is a given but they can also cause minor or even major injuries that need remedial action to ensure your body is working to its full potential, and achieve a relaxation that allows all your bodily functions to recover, followed by a good night of sleep. For this reason, we invite you to browse our range of Full Body Massages and pick the one that best suits you. The Harmonia Balancing massage is a medium pressure treatment, whereas the Olympian Athlete massage is a therapeutic, deep pressure treatment that aims at working on problematic areas and is recommended for people who engage in strenuous exercise, relieving tensed up muscle groups. The Hot Stones massage incorporates the energy of basalt stones, while we also offer a massage specifically designed for pregnancy to alleviate from back and foot pains. The Miraggio Signature massage treatment combines techniques including Hippocrates Ancient Greek massage that will totally rejuvenate you.

For more on our ancient method treatments and therapies, check out our previous blog post on the natural Greek Spa therapies menu also available. Or browse our full Myrtha Spa therapiesbrochure to familiarise yourselves with our full potential.