The first, nationwide, Waterway at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort was approved

The curtain of approval of Waterways in Greece has opened with the first being approved at the Kassandra Peninsula of Halkidiki after the request of our company.
The approval was issued by the General Staff of the Navy in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Shipping.
Miraggio undertook a very important business initiative, the construction of a Waterway.

In the approved Waterway it is allowed, according to the provisions of L.4663 / 20, to perform daily up to six pairs of flights (docking - offshore) per seaplane airline.
Flights may be operated from licensed waterways and / or land airports (using amphibious seaplanes).

Miraggio new chef

The CEO of our company Mr. Alexandros Giannakidis, referring to the issue, stated:

"I am very happy because, with this approval, a dream we have for the wider region of Halkidiki came true. Miraggio will be the first Entrance Gate from this year and, this beginning, will be a milestone for tourism in Greece in general. Greece, with its huge coastline and beautiful beaches, has nothing to envy from other countries, such as the Maldives for example, which for years have included seaplanes in their public transport. Destinations such as Halkidiki will now be more easily accessible, while visitors who are here will be able to fly to an island for an excursion, for a few extra days of vacation or vice versa. "Apart from the famous Aegean islands and the capital, now those who dream of coming to Greece, will be able to approach places less known and unexplored but just as beautiful, and taste the authentic Greek hospitality."

After changing its ownership and management, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is proudly presenting its new developments with a positive impact to Halkidiki and Greece in general.



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