Miraggio Chef’s Table with Chef Gayane Breiova | Highlights

A Recipe for Success: Gayane Breiova

The highlights of the Miraggio Chef's Table with Gayane Breiova

On July 13, at the second “Miraggio Chef's Table” we invited the famous Armenian-origin Chef, Mrs. Gayane Breiova, at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort.
Gayane Breiova and Dina Nikolaou, joined forces with our resort's gastronomy experts guided by our own, Chef Stamatis Eleftheriou and escorted our guests to an extraordinary Armenian cuisine journey with dishes given with a distinctly modern twist. 

Chefs of Miraggio

From left to right: Executive Chef of Miraggio, Chef Stamatis Eleftheriou, Breiova's Sous-Chef, Ruslan Akhmedov, Miraggio's à la carte Sous-Chef, Panagiotis Panagiotoglou and Guest Chef of the second Miraggio Chef's Table, Chef Gayane Breiova

The event was the second "Miraggio Chef's Table" and guests had the chance to taste 6 exquisite courses. Flavors that included Armenian herbs, roll kufta with traditional wheat and panna cotta.
The evening was accompanied by Armenian music, and the Chef surprised us all by unfolding her talent in dance!
In the highlights of the evening, the "Sirtaki" that everyone enjoyed and danced to.

This dinner was part of Mrs. Breiova's three-day visit to the hotel and the culinary activities arranged for the Miraggio guests.


Miraggio Chef's Table

From left to right: Brand Chef of Miraggio, Chef Dina Nikolaou, Guest Chef of the second Miraggio Chef's Table, Chef Gayane Breiova


The charismatic Chef shared with a reporter her own "Recipe for Success" as well as her impressions during her gastronomic trip to Greece. An interesting interview is what followed the event.

Miraggio Chef's Table


Reporter: My relationship with cooking, for those who know me, to be expressed delicately, is “destructive”. Name Gayane Breiova was heard for the first time. Before we started our conversation, I made a search and discovered a wonderful person with many talents: a writer, a chef, a businesswoman, a mother, and much more. Interview with her a revelation... a bright person, full of life and love for everything she does.


Ladies and Gentlemen - this is Gayane Breiova ... enjoy her!!!


            Question: What is your recipe for success that helps you do so many things at the same time...?

            Answer: Many people who know me say that I have a generator that gives me constant energy. I am truly grateful to God for giving me all these talents and I had the opportunity to embody them in my work. I always say that every woman can achieve everything if she does it with love. I love to cook, I love all the chefs all over the world, who with simple ingredients create flavors that lead to ecstasy.


           Question: Your relationship with gastronomy began and is influenced by...

           Answer: Since I am from Armenia, I got used to big dinners all day long. I remember the always set table full of food, because you didn’t know who could come, so you always had to have something to offer. Women cooked and men enjoyed. So, at the age of 10, I cooked my first dish and I not only I got it, but everyone told me how delicious it was. And somehow, I began to observe how people cook and cook myself.
At the age of 19, I moved from Yerevan to Moscow, where I started working as a waitress, got into the restaurant business and no longer left it. At the same time, I studied Finance. A little later, I realized that my big love is cooking. I did not study at any culinary school, but I attended many masterclasses with famous chefs of culinary art. In the numerous trips that I made in different countries, I studied new ways of cooking, assimilated the authentic flavors and constantly learn something new.
Over the years I have achieved that when people try my food, they understand that it was I who cooked it. All dishes have my signature. The components that characterize my cuisine are the spices of oriental cuisine, mixed with Armenian ones. My cuisine is purely empirical. My joys, sorrows, memories, and temperament are intertwined in my dishes. And know, I always cook with all my heart!


Miraggio Chef's Table


         Question: Your favorite dish (question-cliché for chefs) .... (Laughter)

         Answer: Today I will cook you one of my favorite traditional Armenian dishes - Risotto from Dzavar. The whole secret is to cook Dzavar for about 2-3 hours with butter and salt. It is tasty and very simple. Today our guests will try it with a lot of oyster mushrooms and sundried tomatoes.


            Question: If I'm not mistaken, it’s your first visit to Greece. Describe the tastes that you will take back with you to Russia and that will remind you of Greece.

            Answer: Of course, olive oil, which is even better than Italian. Anchovies, tzatziki, tastes so simple, but at the same time so full. In Greece, before coming to Miraggio, I stayed for a week in Thessaloniki and ate about 5 times a day, so for 7 days — in total 35 times, and only twice I wasn’t satisfied. I noticed, however, one thing - the desserts in Greece are not that sweet!
As for me, there should be nothing superfluous in the dessert, neither in the presentation nor in the taste. I am a sweet tooth and especially I like chocolate.
For me, Thessaloniki is a culinary destination, including Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, where thanks to the attentive approach of its Chefs and Brand Chef, an unforgettable journey of tastes is guaranteed to the visitor.

The next Miraggio Chef's Table is scheduled for this Friday, August 2nd.