Galatopita recipe by my grandmother from Paliouri

Galatopita recipe by my grandmother from Paliouri

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My Grandmother's Galatopita (milk-pie)

A Miraggio staff member from Paliouri shares a touching story and a traditional recipe... 
"My Grandmother's Galatopita (milk-pie)" by Lia Vrastaminou

Traditional delicacies from Paliouri, Halkidiki


It was a summer Thursday afternoon visiting my grandmother with my two daughters. Lately, it is rare for us to meet on the balcony of her home with a cup of Greek coffee. It was then when she started crying, as she remembered my beloved grandfather, who has passed away. Every year this day, the Feast of the Holy Ascension of Jesus, she used to make “galatopita” (milk pie).

I touched her hand and said, "We'll do it together today, along with your grand-grandchildren," and her tears stopped...and a smile lit her little eyes...

I asked her if she knew why we were making this pie on that particular day but she did not know. "It's a custom... inherited by our grandparents” she said.

I also did some research online and found out that, in the mountainous parts of the country, the place of worship and gathering for that day was the pastures and the pens, as it was on this day especially honored by the breeders and shepherds. A priest was present to sanctify the sheep and the shepherd. After that, all friends and relatives were sitting at a wealthy table. The main dish was the dessert. That was why the name of the day was Galatoped.

So, to honor the day and my grandfather, we made my grandmother's traditional milk-pie ... Easy, sweet and full of smells...

recipe from Paliouri
Galatopita recipe

What we will need...


1 ½ liter of milk
1 ½ glass of rice
1 ½ glass of sugar
Toast parchment
5 eggs



Pour the rice in a saucepan and boil for about 10 minutes.
Butter the pan and sprinkle with toast parchment.
Add the 4 eggs and 1 spoon of cinnamon, stir well and wait for the mixture to cool.

For glutting, add 1 egg, 2 spoons of large sugar and cinnamon.
Place the mixture on a baking dish, add the glaze and bake for about 1½ hours at 180 degrees.


greek milk-pie