Meet our Chef



For a year now, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort has been collaborating with the experienced chef George Papadopoulos. He is the man who for the last 30 years has dedicated his life to the art of cooking both in Greece and abroad.

His philosophy is based on simplicity with the basic element of best quality raw materials for his creations. At his side is an excellent team of talented cooks and their main goal is to make our hotel a gastronomic destination! 


As he says: "Miraggio was the reason why I came back from America. I could never deny such a serious proposal, since Miraggio is one of the top hotels in Greece. The responsibility of this cooperation boosts me to inspire all the menus of both the a la carte restaurant and the main restaurant with a unique philosophy for each one of them separately, but on a common basis: the non-negotiable culture of supplying the best raw materials in light of their seasonality.

We focus on discovering all products of Halkidiki, from both small and large producers. It would be appropriate and respectful to all these local people not only to offer their products in their natural form, but also to draw inspiration for recipes that will bring them out and at the same time will present them in a creative way. When cooking is a form of art, artists-creators must not just keep within limits but improvise." 

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort restaurants bring the concept of freshness to a whole new level as they grow their own ingredients. The walled herb and vegetable gardens and the local hedgerows provide inspiration for some seriously high-end cooking.

Our gardens is the source of much of his culinary inspiration for our Executive Chef, Giorgos Papadopoulos.



Let's get to know the culinary team!

STILIANOS KARAVAS, Executive Sous-Chef

With a vast experience from Europe (he has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Lisbon, Antwerp and Mons) but also with creative air from famous hotels in the Aegean islands, Stilianos Karavas from Thessaloniki is the ideal sous-chef for Miraggio kitchen.


With passion and a love of various cooking methods and ingredients, with many years of pre-service in many kitchens and with gold medals in Panhellenic competitions, Christos Gatzaras is a strong addition to the team of George Papadopoulos.

ELIAS PAPANIDIS, Junior Sous-Chef 

The 26-year-old Elias has twice been distinguished for his talent in cooking competitions in Southeast Europe. He loves both salty and sweet flavors. He was Chef De Partie at our hotel's Toroneo restaurant for three years and after a two-year break he returns to the Miraggio family.


28-year-old Lazaros Moisakos has worked in the past as a Sous Pastry chef in the kitchen of Miraggio. After an enlightening trip to Cannes and Munich, he returns to Halkidiki with his creative ideas in order to sarisfy our customers' sweet delights.



Innovative, detail-oriented Master Chef with extensive international fine dining, Italian cuisine, menu engineering, culinary training and consulting, and opening & pre-opening experience acquired in world-class restaurants and 5-star hotels. Michelin Star trained professional skilled in providing team leadership and overseeing the successful management of VIP galas, events, and banquets worldwide.  



Having a rich experience in all positions of a cuisine, Apostolos Koumantzias is the ideal Chef de partie at Toroneo restaurant. 



Christos Bostanitis with previous service in many kitchens and many years of experience in wood oven, is a strong addition to the Greek cuisine of our Ouzeri beach restaurant.



Dimitrios Melissopoulos having a rich experience in special dietary menus daily (vegan,vegetarian,celiac,dairy free etc) and with creative air from famous hotels, is a strong addition to Miraggio Kitchen.