For a year now, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort has been collaborating with the experienced chef George Papadopoulos. He is the man who for the last 30 years has dedicated his life to the art of cooking both in Greece and abroad. His philosophy is based on simplicity with the basic element of best quality raw materials for his creations. At his side is an excellent team of talented cooks and their main goal is to make our hotel a gastronomic destination! 


He has worked in many kitchens around the world. He came to Halkidiki from America and as he says "there was no room on my part to refuse such a serious proposal since Miraggio is one of the top hotels in Greece". At the heart of his philosophy is the promotion of local products and cooperation with local producers. "We want to offer them not only in their natural form but also to inspire recipes that will highlight them while at the same time they will be presented with a more creative proposal", says George Papadopoulos.

Let's get to know the culinary team!

STILIANOS KARAVAS, Executive Sous-Chef

With a vast experience from Europe (he has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Lisbon, Antwerp and Mons) but also with creative air from famous hotels in the Aegean islands, Stilianos Karavas from Thessaloniki is the ideal sous-chef for Miraggio kitchen.


The 26-year-old Elias has twice been distinguished for his talent in cooking competitions in Southeast Europe. He loves both salty and sweet flavors. He was Chef De Partie at our hotel's Toroneo restaurant for three years and after a two-year break he returns to the Miraggio family.


Born in Halkidiki, the 35-year-old Konstantinos Karapanagiotidis has been involved in cooking since a very young age. Over the years he developed a special relationship with bakery and pastry. Having a rich experience in all positions of cuisine production, he is a strong addition to the team of George Papadopoulos.


28-year-old Lazaros Moisakos has worked in the past as a Sous Pastry chef in the kitchen of Miraggio. After an enlightening trip to Cannes and Munich, he returns to Halkidiki with his creative ideas in order to sarisfy our customers' sweet delights.


The 27-year-old Ioanna is coming to Miraggio for the first time this year having been for 3 years, Executive Sushi & Specialized Chef at the restaurant of Alianz Arena, the headquarters of the famous football team, Bayern Munich.
With studies in Japanese and Thai cuisine, Ioanna will offer Miraggio's menu her inspired ideas for an exotic result.