Massage Collection 

‘’The massage is the oldest healing art known. Wonderful massages that combine the properties of the ingredients with the most relaxing movements, managing to restore the physical and energetic balance of the body, mind and spirit’’


Relaxation Massages

Aromatherapy Massage 50’ - 105€ | 75’ - 145€ | 90’ - 170€

Specially selected Essential oils are combined with a rhythmic and relaxing massage technique that liberates tension, restores the senses and offers absolute tranquility.

Mediterranean Candlelight 50' - 110€ | 75' - 150€

An authentic massage with golden drops of warm wax that melt all over the body. Choose between notes of lavender, olive or citrus with aromatherapeutical action that relieves stress and anxiety while its properties hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Healing Stones 50’ - 115€ | 75' - 155€ | 90' - 180€

The relaxing power of manual massage is enhanced with the properties of volcanic stones that are placed in specific areas of the body, releasing the accumulated energy from the chakras, while offering a feeling of total harmony, wellbeing and serenity.

Pregnancy Massage 50’ - 105€ 

A soft pressure massage with a specific technique to aid and comfort pregnant women with back pain and heavy legs. A prenatal massage may help alleviate some of the discomforts while providing a sense of relaxation.

Energy Boosting Massages


Deep Renewal 50' - 120€ | 75' - 160€ | 90' - 180€

A deep pressure massage, performed to break down muscle tension by reaching deeper layers of the muscles’ connective tissue. Firm pressure from elbows and forearms loosen stiff muscles and release tension.

Anti-Stress Back Massage 45’ - 100€

This massage truly aids to dissolve aches and reduce muscle tension of the back side like neck, shoulders, back and legs. A stress relief and rejuvenating massage for body and mind.

Thai Massage 75’ - 165€

An invigorating massage that stimulates blood circulation and improves range of motion by restoring flexibility and wellbeing. Performed on special floor mattress where firm pressure and stretching techniques are used to leave the body balanced and revitalized.
 *Recommended wearing comfortable clothing during the session


Renewal Massages

Miraggio Signature Massage 50' - 120€ | 75' - 160€ | 90' - 180€

A medium pressure massage that focuses on the combination of manipulations that restore the flow of energy throughout the body and release blockages. A sensational massage that improves wellbeing and leaves the body balanced and renewed.

Feet & Legs Refreshment 30’ - 75€

An alleviating legs massage combined with a specific pressure at the appropriate points of the feet that release the energy flow in the body and restore the balance between body and spirit.

Indian Scalp Therapy 30’ - 75€

An ancient therapeutic massage that helps to relieve tension around the head, neck and shoulders area, improves blood circulation and promotes clarity. Formulated with five original oils which help your hair to recover its natural shine and acquire extreme smoothness.

Focus Massage 30’ - 60€

A short session massage, focusing on specific body parts according to your needs and your preferences with accumulated tensions such us head, shoulders, face, back and legs.


Body Exfoliations 

‘’Exquisite exfoliations with ingredients from the sea and the plant world that will promote the smoothness and rebirth of new skin.’’


Exotic Mediterranean 30’ - 65€

A deep body exfoliation that is a true enjoyment due to the aromas and textures of argan shell, olive seeds, grape seeds and orange water that will travel you to wonderful Greece. The skin is left shiny, released from dead cells and extremely soft.

Ocean Breeze 30’- 60€

A refreshing body scrub with minerals and algae extracts that nourish and soften the skin. Frees the skin from dead cells with a taste of the sea that will leave it extremely smooth, hydrated and supple.

Lava & Bamboo 30’ - 70€

This explosive body treatment invites you to enjoy a fresh exfoliation with particles of bamboo, argan, olive and orange. Follows the application of Jeju volcanic water, rich in antioxidant and beneficial minerals, leaving the skin hydrated and extraordinary luminous.

Body Treatments

“A group of body treatments aiming at renewing the dead cells, providing luminosity, caring the dull skin and relieving your feet. Find just the right therapy for your needs.”


Orange Blossom 50’ - 110€

Anti-aging treatment by means of an exclusive exfoliation with orange peel particles together with a creamy wrap that covers the skin with delicate luminosity and provides youthfulness. Its protective properties provide an effective defense against free radicals and stimulate the production of collagen.

(Vitamin C+ Scrub, Vitamin C+ Wrap)

Heavy Legs Therapy 50’ - 90€

Refreshing treatment for tired feet with the application of algae gel wrap and cryo-relax serum that improves the blood micro-circulation and eliminates the liquid and toxins.  This treatment drains and gives an immediate sensation of lightness, provides relief to the muscles as well as a feeling of constant freshness.

(Marine Wrap, Cryo-Relax Serum)

After Sun with Aloe Vera 40’ - 85€

Immerse your skin in an ocean of freshness that helps “reconcile” the effects of the sun with a deep hydration. A therapy that includes all the beneficial properties of Aloe Vera plant and the aromas of Mint. The refreshing mask with creamy texture melts on the skin and takes you to an unforgettable moment of comfort and well-being.

(Essence of the Mediterranean Wrap)

Love My Body

“Effective body treatments with innovative system that work synergistically like a powerful fat burner and like an effective drainer capable of diluting accumulations of fat and toxins.”


LipoStock (Firmming Kephaslim) 60’ - 110€

Special treatment of local fat with Kephaslim biomolecules, which accelerate the burning of fat that is difficult to remove. Reduces fluid retention and improves skin appearance. The treatment includes a toning exfoliation followed by a firming body mask and a specialized massage to maintain the firmness of the skin after pregnancy or weight loss. Activates the connective tissue and improves the synthesis of collagen and elastin of the skin resulting in tightening and sculpting of the body.

(Scrub, Mask, Firmming Massage)

Cellu Programme (Anti-Cellulite) 60’ - 120€

A professional treatment with more than twenty active ingredients that work together to reduce adipose tissue, combat the orange peel line and re-tighten the skin. A new two-stage aesthetic approach, the compositions of which have been rigorously studied and worked on in each of the phases of cellulite formation. It focuses first on changing the microcirculation and fluid retention then on fat deposits. The application of firming and fat soluble oil combined with two accessories, lipodren balls and firm rollers has the best anti-cellulite and firming action.

(Mask, Massage with special tools).

Slim Mission (Slimming) 75’ - 140€

Special slimming and detoxifying treatment with AHA based on Lipo-Drone technology that tightens buttocks and thighs. Follows the application of marine mud, rich in minerals, vitamins, trace elements and iodine that aims to improve retention. The treatment ends with the application of algae cream, consisting of seaweed, with specific massage techniques to improve the silhouette.

(AHA peeling, Marine Body Mud, Algae cream).