THALION has selected and elaborated on all the properties of the precious plant essences and the rich marine ingredients that have been traditionally used in beauty rituals throughout the centuries.

Offer yourself the unique opportunity of an exquisite face and body treatment in the magic haven of Myrthia Thermal Spa!


Hydra Mineral                                                                                                50'/100     

Feel your skin absolutely hydrated while soaked in mineral bath with record efficiency.

A really effective combination of intense moisturizing performance and strong supply of marine minerals that nourish your skin perfectly. Its unique pioneering mask made of 2 textures which become one, instantly reveals the skin its natural freshness.

Right after your skin regains comfort and radiance furthermore it is plumped and rested.


Extreme Purity Cleansing Treatment                                                            75'/120€

This treatment has been especially designed to give your skin the absolute cleanliness. The use of the steam followed by natural extraction of black heads will decongest and refresh your skin.

In addition, the specifically selected serum with purifying marine acids and the clarifying mask will leave your face visibly healthier, clearer and matt.


Acne control                                                                                                    50'/100

True ally for oily skin prone to acne, for these particular skin needs Thalion has invented the appropriate enzymatic peel followed by extremely balancing oxygen mask that will remove dead cells and reduce sebum production.

The combination of these products fights against the proliferation of bacteria, unclog pores and soothes inflammation. The skin is completely decongestion.


Absolute Youth                                                                                               50'/110

At the cutting edge of Thalion’s scientific and cosmetic expertise the prevention of the first wrinkles is a key criterion for maintaining youthfulness. An integrated anti-ageing treatment using a precious beauty flash lift mask along with a specific massage for the face.

This treatment specially designed to fine lines, restoring tone and achieve firmness as well as  promoting its natural resistance against the signs of premature ageing.


Ocean Secrets                                                                                                75'/170

The quintessence of Thalion’s knowhow in an exceptional care for instantly visible results.

Sophisticated experience inspired by extraordinary marine pearls massaged wrinkle-by-wrinkle. A perfect combination between Algoplaste Anti-ageing nourishing mask and its signature Face Gym Lift massage.

This treatment reaches the peak of Thalion’s performance promoting cellular Rejuvenation. The amazing anti-ageing formula that makes your skin smoother, firmer and glows with new radiance.


Magnificent White                                                                                        50'/100

The beauty of nature reflects the glow on your face threw Thalion’s specificity. A high-performance of global brightening action plus a targeted action on pigmentation marks.

Thanks to the brightening activator serum and the use of specially designed brightening mask your face looks fresh and luminous. The ideal combination of patented marine Pylawhite and Vitamin C provides immediate new skin effect and floods the skin with radiance.


Men Detox & Oxygen Facial                                                                          50'/100

Perfectly created for male skins and its special needs. This treatment is carefully studied to give a solution for skin damaged by daily shaving and pollution with lack of vitality.

The use of strengthened detox scrub that cleans your skin deep and the Revitalizing energy mask will take away stress and leave the skin detoxified, oxygenated and soothed. Feel sensational relaxation full of energy.


Eye Lift Expert                                                                                                 25'/60

Give to your eyes the magic touch of THALION products and wash away all signs of fatigue.

The application of 3D firming eye Reskue cream round the eyes with specific massage techniques will eliminate dark circles and fine lines. This expert treatment visibly reduces the signs of time and tiredness of the eye contour by protecting from premature ageing. At once the area round the eyes is smoothed, refreshed and firmed. Try it alone or incorporated in the face care of your choice.


Our recommendation: Choose your Beauty treatment and add the “Eye Lift Expert” Treatment with the extra charge of 40