A generation of perfumers has kept a long legacy of craftmanship dating all the way back to 1785 in Grasse, France.

Jean-Denis Saisse grew up amidst these fields. He was taught by his father, who in turn owed his knowledge to all those who once breathed the air of Grasse, and captured its fragrance.

He created more than seventy perfumes for Otentic, all of which telling their own unique story. People are as unique as their dreams and aspirations, and Jean-Denis Saisse has provided the backdrop for each and every one of us.

From robust to flirtatious, wild, tender: the stages are set. All it takes is for you to step into the world that has been lovingly conceived for you. The magic will happen, much like the reality will unfold.

This is a tale that involves all the senses, and at the very heart of it pounds the spirit of Jean-Denis Saisse. Creator of authenticity, provider of delight.



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