An ultra modern venue dedicated to your beauty & health

Myrthia Thermal Spa leverages this advantage through its facility covering 3,000m2 on two levels.

The great thalassotherapy pool is directly linked to the sea with water that is heated and maintained at a stable temperature while there is another Thalasso that becomes an infinity pool. The hydrotherapy area features three natural hot water pools and a rest area with a bar and magnificent views over the Aegean Sea and Mount Athos.

Analytically, Myrthia Thermal Spa facilities are set on two floors:

1st floor

  • Reception Lounge
  • Hair Salon
  • Nails Salon
  • Changing Areas for women & men with personal lockers
  • Thalassotherapy pool with warm sea water
  • Thalasso-Infinity Pool with warm sea water overlooking the Aegean Sea
  • Thermal Well-Life suite
    • Steam Room
    • Dry Finnish & Herbal Sauna
    • Tepidarium
    • Walking cold plunge to improve circulation
    • 2 Experience Showers With warm and cold water
  • 3 Thermal pools with geothermal water in different temperatures
  • Myrthia Health Bar
  • Fitness Center with state of the art cardiovascular and modular resistance machines for body health improvement and stamina

2nd floor

  • Wellness and relaxation area
  • VIP treatment suites and rooms

Basic Spa Entrance - Thalasso Circuit Experience / 50€:

Recharge yourself & restore your sensations in times of mental & body fatigue. 

  • Use of the Thalassotherapy pool with warm sea water and 17 hydro jets
  • Use of the Thermal Well-Life Suite with a variety of cold and hot experiences:
    • Tepidarium with heated benches for body temperature preparation (35°C)
    • Steam room for skin health improvement and relaxation (50°C)
    • Dry Finnish (90°C-100°C) & Herbal (45°C) Sauna for detoxification
    • Walking cold plunge for improved blood circulation (15°C)
    • Two sensory showers with hot and cold water
  • Use of the Thalasso - Infinity pool with heated sea water and hydromassage loungers
  • Use of the Thermal pools with warm spring water rich in minerals and trace elements


Kanistro Spring Water

Myrthia Thermal Spa’s power derives directly from Earth.

Myrthia Thermal Spa spring, known as Kanistro Water and officially recognized as Thermal Natural Resource by the National Committee on Natural Thermal Resources Protection.

Kanistro's Spring Water distance from the sea is 240m. Its sea-meteoric origins however, travel a long way in the subsoil, reaching up to Mountain Olympus. Kanistro Water gushes to the surface through primordial rocks from a depth of 270 meters at a temperature of about 30-32˚C.


The Environment

Myrthia Thermal Spa is a ‘state-of-the-art’ relaxation and wellness center with luxurious facilities.

Admission is allowed to guests over 16 years old. However, entry is allowed to children aged 12-16 years, from 10:00 - 14:00. Admission is after completing a consent form and it’s under the supervision of an adult family member. Use is only for the spa pools and not for the Thermal Well - life suite.

Myrthia Thermal Spa accepts external guests for all spa services by appointment.