Lovers of wine, unite! The boutique wine bar at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is not just any wine bar. If you are a wine enthusiast then there is no place to delve into a world dedicated to oenology where you can be introduced to an exquisite collection of Greek and International wine labels.

Recognising the value and sanctitude of wine, and its link to ancient Greek culture and mythology, we have created a place where wine enthusiasts can savour a number of delicate varieties or whites, rose and reds expanding their oenologic horizons. We have thus created a Sommelier’s… lair, if you will, a brick-adorned wine cellar, in which we invite you to quench your thirst for delectable wines.

We welcome you to discover the true art of drinking at Sommelier’s 8 Wine bar. It is an art long practiced by the Greeks since ancient times, as the early civilisation praised the mythological god of wine, Dionysus, and drank in his honour.
Savour the finest wines that fully represent this divine ancient quality, together with a selection of cold cuts and cheese platters to complement the flavours of your wine choices. Our sommelier can advise you on what to try, and inform you on various varieties, years and flavours and fragrances.

If you are you into more light, citrous, floral and lemony flavours, then you must be more of a white wine person. Or do you prefer the more full-bodied, robust, spicy and jammy aromas? Then it’s definitely a red wine label for you. If you want a bit of both, the rose types may be more fitting that are stronger than the whites, but lighter than the reds.

Of course this wine cellar supplies the rest of our gastronomic venues with the same, exceptional labels so you should expect to taste good wine at whichever one of our restaurants. Whether it’s to accompany your seafood extraordinaire at the Toroneo restaurant overlooking the marina, the Italian Portofino restaurant or the Oasis Brasserie by the pool, our wines will definitely seduce you.