At Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, our dedication to bringing our distinguished guests new, exciting and deeply nourishing treatments has gone one step further, as we now proudly present our latest additions to our Myrthia Thermal Spa therapies! 

Guests can now discover how the goodness of Halkidiki’s natural blessings, such as Greek olive oil, herbs, honey and other local ingredients can be used to offer an incredible spa experience, rejuvenating your body and replenishing your senses.

Introducing our Greek Spa Menu, under our 'Therapies' section, this menu features some amazing, new ...ceremonies, that incorporate the nourishing elements found within Greek nature with expert care.

Start your Greek Spa journey from the bottom up…

Begin with the Xenios Foot bath ceremony, a traditional welcome with a herbal bath and foot massage that will leave your feet feeling lighter than the air.
Then, immerse yourselves into further relaxation by detoxing in a Botanical bath with soda, chamomile, dittany & sage. The subtle and sublime infusions from the Greek herbs will definitely stimulate your senses! 
Now onto some tender loving care, and our Olive oil, milk and & salt Body Peel, a traditional peel that removes dead cells before deeply moisturising your skin, leaving you postively radiant.
And if you dozed off to sleep under the sun and woke up feeling your skin irritated, then let us work our honey magic on you: the Body Corrective treatment with yoghurt and honey is ideal to soothe irritated and dry skin after sun exposure, providing it with the hydration and moisture it needs in order for you to feel great in your skin again!

And since pampering has been an element of the Greek culture since ancient times, we have added the following ceremonials treatments for our guests to experience an indulgent ...blast from the (ancient) past!

Feel the bliss of the Ancient Greek style body massages that have been enhanced with the power of natural commodities sourced from the rich Greek soil:
- The Serapian Massage with milk & Honey has been inspired from the ancient texts of the great Hippocrates and entails a medium pressure massage, complete with a reflexology session for a soothing, total body experience.
- The Alexander Invigorating Massage with olive oil & tsipouro has been designed for energy renewal by working on your deeper muscle tissues, activating blood and lymphatic circulation through ‘heating’ motions that will leave you absolutely invigorated from tip to toe.

And if you thought that pampering is only for adults, then think again! Committed to offering our wellness experiences to all of our guests, now, children aged 12 and up can enjoy one of six sepcial treatments of our Kids Spa Menu:
two types of massages, two types of facial treatments and two beauty sessions await to introduce teenagers to the bountiful benefits of pampering and wellness, specifically designed to treat them like royalty!

For a full list of our Myrthia Spa treatments and therapies, and for Spa inquiries or reservations, please call internal number: 333 or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and book your date with absolute rejuvenation...