It is delightful to discover when travel bloggers feature you in their content. Here we have compiled 6 plus 1 articles that have included our Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort in their blog as travel inspiration. They are luxury travel bloggers, wellbeing bloggers, family travel bloggers, lifestyle travel bloggers and international digital influencers, and we are ever so thrilled to have made their shortlist.

See each post that we have linked below, together with a short citation from each blogger to place the article into context. Find out what made the most impression on each of them and perhaps it will inspire you visit us again if you already have, or provide some motivation to visit us for the first time to make up your own mind about who we are and what we do.
My Beautiful Adventures:
Luxury Lifestyle Travel & Wellbeing blog, by Andi Perullo di Ledesma.
“My undying love affair with travel is due to the sheer intrigue of untrodden roads, different cultures, and life-changing encounters.”

1. The benefits of water and tips to stay hydrated
2. Detoxing in the Mediterranean

The Daily Traveller:
Travel blog, by Vasilis Siranidis
“My way to escape the daily routine and share my travel experiences…”

3. A mirage of wellness in Halkidiki 

The Tiny Book:
Family Travel Food blog, by Gabi Ancarola
“We love to share our experiences inspiring people to see the world from a different perspective.”

4. Discovering Thermal Harmony in Halkidiki

Mysterious Greece:
Travel blog about Greece, by Stefania Niakarou
“Mysterious Greece is a travel publishing platform with an infinite guide for the sophisticated travellers.”

5. Revealing the spiritual side of Greece 
Travel & Lust:
Travel website, by group of travel editors
“Travel website dedicated to sharing the unearthed gems in boutique travel and beyond.”

6. Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort 

Melanie Martins, digital influencer:
“A fashionable globetrotter, polyglot, jetsetter, sunset catcher, dreamer and pacifist who loves luxurious experiences, adventure, fashion, glamorous events, but above all, who loves to discover new cultures.”

Plus 1. A thermal Weekend in Halkidiki - A review