In 2022 we are inviting you to “Your Home in Halkidiki”

Our main goal is to offer the best possible services to our guests, so that their lodgment at Miraggio will be a special experience that will not only be remembered forever, but will soon bring them back to us by creating a world that will offer them a second home in Halkidiki.

The impressions of the visitors of Season 2021 justify the choices of the new administration, and taking into account your feedback, in season 2022, we will be even more improved.


According to current planning, the ownership of Miraggio has scheduled investments to improve existing facilities (restaurants and bars, the one-of-a-kind thermal spa, new fascinating activities at the Kids' Club, more surprises for Miraggio Club guests and unique welcome gifts, new bathroom luxury amenities, an even better dining experience), while the largest investments will be made in new constructions. In particular, the new administration is planning to build Executive Suites with connecting rooms offering 2 and 3 space luxurious accommodation to families and exclusive benefits.

At the same time, the long tradition of Miraggio in organizing events will be continued. Namely, the 2nd Miraggio Kassandra Run Half-Marathon & 5 kilometers Run, Tennis Tournaments, the 3rd Miraggio Music Festival, as well as the Oktoberfest Beer Festival are already scheduled for the upcoming season.

Find all our new developments here.