Tastes like perfection...

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort welcomes chef George Papadopoulos


The new era of Miraggio begins with flavour!


It is said that food "is an ingredient that binds human relationships" and they are probably right. Food is an integral part of our daily life, a biological need, a part of culture and above all a type of art. To accomplish all this, what is needed is the right person to lead the “orchestra” in a kitchen.

Miraggio Thermal Spa Restort announces it's cooperation with the experienced chef George Papadopoulos, a connoisseur and a creative chef who has devoted his life over the last 30 years to delighting our palates with his creations.

He has loyally served the art of cooking both in Greece and abroad in recent years and we assess him as our best proposal, given our belief that Chef George Papadopoulos can “take off” Miraggio's kitchen.

As he says: "Miraggio was the reason why I came back from America. I could never deny such a serious proposal, since Miraggio is one of the top hotels in Greece. The responsibility of this challenge-cooperation boosts me to inspire all the menus of both the a la carte restaurant and the main restaurant with a unique philosophy for each one of them separately, but on a common basis: the non-negotiable culture of supplying the best raw materials in light of their seasonality.

This year we will focus on discovering all products of Halkidiki, from both small and large producers. It would de appropriate and respectful to all these local people not only to offer their products in their natural form, but also to draw inspiration for recipes that will bring them out and at the same time will present them in a creative way. When cooking is a form of art, artists-creators must not just keep within limits but improvise."


Welcome to the Miraggio's family, George!

Miraggio new chef