Helicon-Opera returns to Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort with an extraordinary Music Festival!

The biggest event of the Fall 2018 in Halkidiki!

Miraggio Music Festival, starring the lead singers of the world-famous Helicon-Opera theatre from Moscow, will take place from the 4th till the 10th of September.


The music program will include masterpieces of world classics, popular songs of the 20th century as well as opera & operetta highlights:

05.09 - Opera Masterpieces | 21:00 Lobby Terrace

06.09 - Operetta and Musical Highlights | 21:00 Lobby Terrace

07.09 - Cartoons Opera | 21:15 Kids' Planet 

08.09 - Kalinka Miraggio | 21:00 Lobby Terrace

08.09 - Coffee Cantata | 19:00 Portofino (during set menu dinner)

09.09 - Love Forever | 21:00 Lobby Terrace

Entrance to all concerts at Kids Planet and Lobby Terrace is free of charge for the Miraggio guests. If they want to reserve a seat they can purchase a Concert Voucher of 20 eur/adult (includes an alcoholic drink) and 10 eur/child (includes a non-alcoholic drink).

For visitors, usual gate entrance requires a 20 eur Gate Entrance Voucher per adult and a 10 eur voucher per child. These vouchers are fully redeemable at our outlets. No seat is reserved with the Gate Entrance Voucher.