Miraggio Kassandra Run | Highlights

Reporting after the 1st Miraggio Kassandra Run

October 05, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

The weather was great for running, people embraced the effort and, thus, with the participation of 111 athletes - including Russian Olympic champion Alexander Legkov and Greek Olympic champion Giannis Kourkourikis - the 1st Miraggio Kassandra Run International Half-Marathon was successfully completed yesterday at Kassandra Peninsula in Halkidiki, on the initiative of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort. The organizers are looking forward to establishing the event, given also the fact that the race routes, both the 21km of the half-marathon and the 5km of the simple race, can attract dozens of athletes, not only from Greece but from all around the world. 

Miraggio Kassandra Run

As General Manager of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, Konstantinos Tzikopoulos, said: "our ambition is to establish this sporting event,which is based on Miraggio's vision of giving prominence to the broader region”.

The fact of the matter is that the route is characterized by the unparalleled natural beauty of the surroundings (running on forest paths between olive and pine trees, but also along the coastline), something that was acknowledged by the designers of the marathon, the Russian Olympic champions Anton Shipulin and Alexander Legkov.

Miraggio Kassandra Run

The head of the event was Vasilis Paradas, Sports Manager of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, while the race was presented by Roula Nikolaou (track and field athletics official - SEGAS).

For the record, the winners in each of the three categories were:

-In 5km race: 1. Vassilis Papagiannis, 2. Oleg Solokev, 3. Aristotelis Tsatsalidis

-In 21km men’s race: 1. Alexander Legkov (Olympic champion), 2. Giannis Kourkourikis (10th Olympic champion, 2nd World Rowing Champion), 3. George Ioannou

-In 21K women’s race: 1. Despina Semtrakou, 2. Assimina Inglezou, 3. Ioanna Zioga

Miraggio Kassandra Run

Participants and viewers were all overwhelmed by the amazing atmosphere and the excellent organization and everyone said they were thrilled with the scenery offered by the route, so the appointment was renewed for the following year.

The race was sponsored by the Municipality of Kassandra, the Police, the Forest Service, the Greek Rescue Team and the Fire Service and was sponsored by:

Lemonis Bakery
Evagelou Super Market
Valede Sport

You can read more details on the results here.

Photo Credit: Nikos Aggelidis