Miraggio Chef’s Table and Evi Evane by Dina Nikolaou  | 02 August

Miraggio Chef’s Table gourmet menu by “Evi Evane” | 02 August

Portofino Restaurant, August 02, 2019, 19:30


Dina Nikolaou presents "Evi Evane"


In Greece, during celebrations people clink their glasses and say “Yia mas”, meaning “Here is to health!”.

“Evi Evane!” was the ancient toast at the cult revels of Dionysus; a sound of joy. Named after this exclamation that appears on the ancient Greek tragedy "The Bacchae" by Euripides, Dina Nikolaou’s gastronomic statement, for this Miraggio Chef’s Table, is a Greek feast with a French twist.

For the next “Miraggio Chef’s Table” the Brand Chef of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort invites you to a soulful 5-course dinner inspired by her life’s homelands. From Atalanti, Fthiotida in Greece to Paris and Rue Guisarde in France, this original culinary experience is a celebration for the senses.


Evi Evane at Miraggio


Prepare for a delightful journey! What you will enjoy on Friday, August 2, is generous, beautiful dishes and master preparation care; a feeling of homemade cooking. You will taste traditional recipes from different parts of Greece reinterpreted by the Lady Ambassador of Greek cuisine in Paris and you will uncover some precious secrets of the Mediterranean kitchen.



Crispy rolls stuffed with summer greens on tzatziki sauce with mint and sweet garlic
White fish roe mousse “Evi Evane” with melon pearls and avgotaraho (grey mullet bottarga) of Mesolongi
“Soutzoukaki” – spicy Greek meatballs with octopus tartare and salmon caviar in fennel cream
Signature Mousakas “Evi Evane” with feta cheese sauce and sweet potato cream
“Galaktoboureko Evi Evane” – traditional pastry with syrup and custard accompanied by red fruits and cinnamon ice cream 

*The menu is not paired with wine
**Kids' menu is available as per Portofino menu



2nd of August, Portofino Restaurant at 19:30
Participation: 70 / person (50% discount for children till 12 y.o.)
For further information please contact Guest Relations Desk (262)

Evi Evane at Miraggio

Extra Suggestions for this weekend:

Free Masterclasses by Dina Nikolaou 

August 3, Kids Planet Café at 17:00
August 4, Deck Area at 12:00