Miraggio Chef’s Table presents star Chef Gayane Breiova  | 13 July

Miraggio Chef’s Table presents star Chef Gayane Breiova | 13 July

Portofino Restaurant, July 13, 2019, 18:00


Armenia, Greece and France served on the plate for you by two


For our next Miraggio Chef’s Table, Dina Nikolaou, Brand Chef of Miraggio invites the passionate restaurateur from Moscow, Gayane Breiova for an unprecedented dinner by two for you.

The two vigorous chefs will join forces with Gayane’s assistant, Chef Ruslan Akhmedov, and together will present their best dishes, in Saturday, July 13, 2019.

Dina Nikolaou, Brand Chef of the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort joins forces with the Armenian star chef Gayane Breiova and welcomes you at the Portofino Restaurant for a six-course menu. Experience the unique fusion of the three beloved cuisines by the chefs in a culinary experience that reveals a borderless world! 


Gayane Breiova at Miraggio


What you will experience is an inspiring and delightful gourmet journey. From western Asia and eastern Europe, to the Mediterranean Sea this Miraggio Chef’s Table will combine different qualities, roots and traditions and reveal a borderless delicious world.

The menu includes six courses and combines the different loves of the two lady-chefs from Armenia, Greece and France.

Gayane Breiova is recognized and praised for her achievements and influence in gastronomy. She has been awarded with the Aram Piruzyan’s gold medal for her contribution in the promotion of Armenian cuisine and her established career includes cooking, TV hosting, writing cookbooks and managing one of the most prominent and favorite restaurants in Moscow.


Carpaccio with beef and dried grape leaves wand truffle oil (beef tenderloin marinated in white wine with herbs and black salt, fennel, green apple, and kale salad)
Cilantro appetizer with tomatoes concassé and spicy turmeric dressing
Zingalov Hats (a thin flat tortilla based on Matzoon (yoghurt) with Armenian herbs)
Dzavar Risotto with mushrooms, hemp seeds and dried tomatoes
Roll kufta with soft cheese and walnuts with hachar (Armenian wheat) and spinach
Armenian panacotta with tarragon, mulberry and pinecones sauce
*The menu is not paired with wine

On 13th Saturday, Gayane Breiova and Dina Nikolaou will share their treasured secrets in an inspiring culinary signature event of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, welcoming you to Armenia, Greece, and France.

To get up and close and watch these two special chefs working side-by-side, reserve your seat.

13th July, Portofino Restaurant at 18:00
Participation: € 80 / person
For further information please contact Guest Relations Desk (262)