Miraggio’s Chef’s Table for a Cause Charity Dinner | 22 June

Toroneo Restaurant, June 22, 2019, 18:00

Experience divine tastes, become a miracle worker!

Dina Nikolaou, Brand Chef of the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort invites you to Toroneo Restaurant for a five-course menu created on the spot by Father Nikitas Agioritis, of Mount Athos.

Monk Nikitas Agioritis, fisherman, cook of "Koutloumousiano" and writer of “Traditional Recipes of Holy Mount Athos” will prepare an exceptional 5-course menu for all the contributors of this Miraggio Chef’s Table, where 50% of all the proceeds will be donated to little Thanasis Kypraios’s medical treatment.

“We can do no great things, - only small things with great love.” The charity dinner on the 22nd June 2019 hosted by Dina Nikolaou, brand chef of the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, draws its inspiration from this saying by Mother Teresa. 

Father Nikitas’s dishes are thoroughly associated with nature and based on a philosophy of fresh and locally grown ingredients, where everything is a labor of love, good health, faith and harmony.

Charity Dinner at Miraggio

What you will experience on Saturday, June 22, is gratitude and transparency; that is to say, a cuisine that has close ties with Halkidiki’s surroundings, the season, the sea, the indigenous herbs and fruits, the terroir. Assertive yet light. Nourishing, and healthy yet delicious and fun. Father Nikitas’s monastic cuisine will happily surprise you. You will taste authentic recipes of Mount Athos. You will discover some of the secrets of this culinary tradition of working and praying to God. You will make an impact on a child’s life.


Become a contributor and enjoy the secrets of monastic cuisine in a culinary experience that can work miracles! 



Mushy shrimps’ soup with star pasta (minestra)

Salad with purslane, tomatoes and bulbs of Leopoldia comosum

Octopus meatballs with Accordion Potatoes from Mount Athos

Mount Athos fish with onion broth and tender courgettes and artichokes 

Halva in casserole with dried fruits and fruit sauce

*The menu is paired with wine


22nd of June, Toroneo Restaurant at 18:00

Participation: € 120 (50% goes to Cause Charity)

For further information please contact Guest Relations Desk (262)
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