If you are a child - or you feel like one- Miraggio is the place to be!

Latest technology trend in children's games, Animatronics, were presented at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort on Sunday 8/7, 2018.

Kids’ Planet's children's entertainment park occupies an area of ​​25 acres. Here, every child is busy with all kinds of activities: creative artworks, cinema, nursery, splash-park, playground, electronic games, separate playroom for teenagers, and also open-kitchen children's café where delicious pizzas and waffles are served.

Childrens' favourite animation characters from Madagaskar, Ice Age or Shrek are now also staying at Miraggio and children are able to meet Dragon, the Dronkeys, Alex the Lion and others.


The guests first see a one-of-a-kind Madagascar themed arch, with Melman the Giraffe, Alex the Lion, Gloria the Hippopotamus, Morris the Lemurian, King Julian and the penguins. Somewhere near, Marty the zebra greets them. To the left of the arch are the wild pirates of the "Ice Age", Sira the Lion and Squid the hare, under the commands of Captain Gat. Next to the entrance, our little guests meet dreamer Sid and his friend Cras the opossum. Scrat the squirrel in his attempt to find his precious acorn, went up to the rooftop of Kids Planet Café. Mammoths Manny and Elli descend from the hill…

Every evening the musical band "Dinosaurs", made up of the Tyrannosaur Mum and her children, perform their music on stage.

Since the 8th of July, throughout the day, from 10am to 10pm, guests of Kids Planet are able to take part in various activities such as outdoor games, entertaining competitions and lottery draws - with the company of their favorite animation heroes and in the evening they can enjoy a Madagascar show.

In addition to this, Miraggio's daily animation program devotes every day to a special theme - pirates, Indians, Gods of Olympus, cooking action day with master-class cooking. Also, on Family Day, parents and children participate together in events. The athletic program for children includes animal-yoga, darts, mini-golf, mini-basketball, football academy, water games, ring-tossing, mini-bowling and the most important event ….Olympic Games! Also, a tennis academy operates, while teenagers can also learn the art of archery.

Every night, our young guests at Kids Planet await the music band "Dinosaurs" for a mini-disco. The evening includes face painting, balloon modeling, master-class, musical games, comedy shows and talent show with the participation of animators and children on stage.

All children are happy to play with animators in cartoon heroes costumes, while the giant realistic animatronics take their breath away!


At Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort we have a motto: when parents feel better, kids do too. And vice versa. We have been dedicated in providing all our guests, no matter how young or how old, with activities and experiences that will make them feel wonderful, inside and out. 

If you are looking for a family resort in Halkidiki in which children can have a world of their own, then make Miraggio your choice. Designed for adults and children equally, your family holidays in Halkidiki are transformed into a dreamy vacation for everyone!

Family holidays in Halkidiki are a piece of cake here. Thanks to our Miraggio Kids Planet, our littlest of guests receive the best care there is!