Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort and the recent Halkidiki storm

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort taking action after the recent Halkidiki storm


After all these sad news that the thunderstorm brought to Halkidiki, all our thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered during this event.

In order to support the region and to provide good services to our tourists we invite to visit shows at Miraggio Park Theatre, the open amphitheatre of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, today, Friday July 12th and tomorrow, Saturday July 13th for free.

All guests arriving after 20 p.m. to Miraggio will not be charged as usual. Come and bring your family and friends to share some good moments with them.

We also ask other hoteliers, tour operators and partners to support this initiative and take some actions to change the image of our beautiful destination.

The shows are scheduled as following:




Live from Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort after the storm