Full Moon 2019

Full Moon 2019

August Moon Sale

100 archeological sites in Greece free to the public this August 15

Τhe Ministry of Culture and Sports has been successfully organizing the August Full Moon events offering archaeological sites and monuments to the public on a summer night in the light of the August moon.

The celebration of the full moon of August 2019 will culminate on Thursday, August 15, 2019, the day of the full moon, with events starting on August 11 and ending on August 19. The events, mainly music concerts, will take place in 100 archaeological sites, monuments and museums of the country and will remain open to the public without organizing 48 venues and museums.

Access to all areas is free to the public. View all venues here.

The Ancient House of Miraggio

Ancient remains of a rural settlement of the Hellenistic times were also found during the construction of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, proving once again the antiquity of the area.

The archaeological authorities evaluated the findings and transferred some of them while the others were still in place and are in public view, in a particularly confined space.


Feel free to visit them on your next stay at Miraggio while you can also take advantage of the August Moon Sale.


Celebrate with us in a traditional way one of the most important Greek Feasts, the Assumption of Mother Mary on 15th August.
Enjoy our local traditional buffet in combination with Greek live music and dancing show.
15th August | Oasis Pool Restaurant