Climate Crisis & Environment

In the last 10 days, Greece has confronted with a huge ecological disaster. Uncontrolled fires, the type that scientists call "mega-fires", in Attica, Ilia, Messinia, but mainly in northern Evia, burned more than 1 million acres of land, houses, cars, and unfortunately, caused the death of 2 people on duty. At the same time, the same phenomena have occurred in many other countries and the battle abroad is still raging.

Halkidiki has experienced a lot of fires in the past. Fortunately, this year's ecological disaster did not affect the area of Kanistros, although all of Greece and many countries around the world went through difficult times, experiencing the anxiety and determination of citizens, volunteers and firefighters who managed to tame the flames. However, we must not forget that prevention and proper education are the best allies in times like these. 


Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort in collaboration with the Fire Department has taken all necessary measures to protect the environment and the safety of the hotel and its guests.

  • We have build fire protection zones around the hotel.
  • We have taken all appropriate fire safety measures
  • Miraggio is equipped with all the necessary means of firefighting
  • Our security staff is regularly trained by the Fire Service to react immediately if necessary, based on the safety of the occupants and the protection of the forest.
  • Miraggio is monitored daily by all security forces

In addition, Miraggio, with its holistic approach and the Miraggio EcoFootprint program for minimizing the impact on the environment, but also with its regular ecological actions that organizes with the participation of its staff and visitors, promotes ecological awareness and contributes to the improvement of neighbors areas.

It is more than certain that our planet doesn't confront with climate change. Our planet has to deal with the climate crisis. Large heat waves, due to global warming, will become more frequent. The same goes for the sudden and intense storms that result in floods. It is heard more and more often, and it is true, that we have only one Earth, one planet. "There is no planet B", so we must protect it.

It is our debt and duty to bequeath to the next generations this beautiful natural environment that we inherited and to endow it with a little more grace and beauty.

Especially for Greece this is the only way if we wish to enjoy these famous Greek summers…