Beyond good food, there is always a good chef with the team and a good concept. In new season, Miraggio introduces a game-changing project Brand Chef of Miraggio, starring the famous Greek Chef Dina Nikolaou.

Aiming at creating a recognizable signature style, taste and look of Miraggio bars and restaurants, the project will affect the level of services provided, promote unique Greek Cuisine and contribute to better interactivity and communication.

While competition is constantly increasing, guests of the resorts have much higher requirements nowadays, expecting exclusive seasonal offers, healthy options and signature cooking style with a distinctive design, resulted in small pieces of art on their plates, paired with impeccable personalized service. The main mission of the Brand Chef, thus, will be in creating new up-to-date menus, exclusively for each outlet, staff training, supervising and strongest quality control at each stage of the project. Special emphasis will be placed on healthy food program at Myrthia Thermal Spa and Greek cooking traditions.


When it comes to the art of cooking a personality of the Chef is what really matters. Thanks to the distinctive charm, exclusive manner and high professionalism of Dina Nikolaou, Miraggio restaurants will get closer to the guests and share the secrets of Haute Cuisine through a series of culinary master classes, video presentations, and social media projects. Besides, visits of international cooking stars are planned as part of the 'Miraggio Chef's Table' Brand Chef project to consolidate the position of Miraggio as a unique gourmet destination.

Dina Nikolaou's gastronomic concerns began at a very young age. Although she started her career studying economics and marketing in Paris, her passion for cooking art and gastronomy, soon made her change her life. She began her studies in professional culinary art at the Paris Cooking School "Le Cordon Bleu", "Ritz Escoffier", "Alain Ducasse formation", "Lenotre" and soon opened her first Greek restaurant in Paris, conquering the top with the title "The best foreign cuisine restaurant in Paris" in a Pudlo Paris gourmet French guide. Dina has also made a successful TV career with "Coffee Coffee", "In the Kitchen with Dina", “Greek flavors” and Ma cuisine grecque" in Greece and France. Dina is the author of numerous media publications. She won the first prize at the World Cookbooks Awards, while her other 6 cooking books enjoy full appreciation from the Greek and international audiences.