Our Miraggio People…. Your successful hospitality careers!

Here in Miraggio we do believe that people matter. We do think that great teams bring greater results. We do believe that it’s a powerful feeling - to belong. It’s inspiring people to do more than they thought they could. It’s taking a passion and turning it into your vision. Belonging is what it feels like to work at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort. 

We engage our employees, so they feel connected to our hotel and its journey. We ensure them of the opportunities they’ll have if they stay with our company and give a clear career path should they work hard enough.

In Miraggio we do pay extra attention to our hotel culture, the relationship between employees and employer. We want to create a healthy and enjoyable environment to work, attracting new and quality professionals.

We therefore, create motivation by making sure our employees love what they do, feel connected to our hotel, and want our business to succeed. We surely, show our employees WHY their work matters and HOW it contributes to the wider business goals.

A happy and well-supported team of staff are at the heart of our business. It is the heart of our Miraggio!!!


Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort seeks for new talents and proudly participates in:


Job Festival "Επί το Έργον" hosted by Skywalker in Thessaloniki

HR Manager, Mrs. Lia Vrastaminou will be there to meet you. 

Event will take place at Vellidio Convention Center, 3 Leoforos Stratou, 54636, Thessaloniki | 8-9/11/2019 from 11:00 to 19:00- Map

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