Hydro Bath Rituals

Marine Hydra – Hydro bath with Aqua Essential 50’ -  90€

It is the basic treatment for any thalassotherapy program. The hydromassage with Germaine de Capuccini Aqua essential oil in powder form, reduces sweating during menopause, helps to regenerate skin cells and thus softens and smoothens hard, dry and chapped skin. In addition, it has strong anti-aging properties. After using the water bath with Aqua essential oil, you will rejuvenate your skin and drive away stress, anxiety and depression, regaining the joy of life. The use of the water bath is preceded by exfoliation with algae extract and followed by massage with aloe vera.

Hydro bath with Svelte Essential 50’ -  90€

2 in 1 recommendation with the use of hydro bath with Svelte Essential!

Exfoliating with Marine Scrub by Germaine de Capuccini and the use of a bath with Svelte Essential helps in weight loss and sculpting the silhouette. In addition, the mint contained in Svelte Essential powder helps with its soothing properties to balance the pH of the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness as the pores open and the skin cleanses naturally. The use of the water bath with Svelte Essential helps terribly in skin problems on the face such as acne, spots, etc.

*Additional suggestion: facial exfoliation with mint before using the water bath (+ 20 €) - not suitable for faces with acne.

Hydro bath with Vitality Essential 50’ -  90€

Antioxidant bath with Vitality Essential. The citrus and mandarin that characterize this powder helps tremendously to detoxify the body in record time. Before using the bath, there is an exfoliation with papaya seeds and then a massage with a vitamin C mask. The skin stays smooth and radiant immediately after the Vitality Essential Bath.