Body Treatments

Experience the uniqueness of the ancient Greek massages as these were saved from the texts of Hippocrates, the father of the medicine.

Body Deep Hydration with Karite Butter 50’ - 90€

An enjoyable body exfoliation ritual followed by a massage with Karite Butter, giving the skin-deep hydration and softness beyond any comparison. (Spa Exfoliating, Karite Body Lotion)

Orange Blossom 50’ -  95€

Exfoliation with papaya seeds & a wrapping with vitamin C. Vitamin C is combined perfectly with honeycomb.This exfoliation melts in your body and makes it extremely soft thanks to the successive action of the exclusive microparticle of orange peel and papaya seeds. The body wrapping offers an extremely soft texture thanks to the papaya seeds. The anti-aging and moisturizing body mask offer extra shine and velvety texture.

Slim Mission 75’ - 120€

Special slimming treatment with AHA based on Lipo-Drone technology. Helps tighten buttocks and thighs. This is a fresh, light and very moisturizing liposculpture treatment that aims to improve retention by improving the silhouette. (AHA peeling, Marine Body Mud, Massage and Cellulite with Algae Body Cream)

After Sun for Βody 40’ - 70€

After a wonderful day under the sun, enjoy this soothing treatment that also fights the signs of stress and fatigue with the power of Aloe Vera. Through a specific method of pressure on the appropriate points of the feet, the therapist restores the balance between body and mind. Almond oil helps in overall muscle relaxation. (Essence of the Mediterranean Wrap)

Cellu Programme anti-cellulite treatment  60’ - 100€

A professional treatment with more than twenty active ingredients that work together to reduce adipose tissue, combat the orange peel line and re-tighten the skin. A new two-stage aesthetic approach, the compositions of which have been rigorously studied and worked on in each of the phases of cellulite formation. It focuses first on changing the microcirculation and fluid retention then on fat deposits. (Mask, Massage with special tools)

Heavy Legs Therapy 50’ - 75€

Refreshing massage for tired feet with special movements to relieve the limbs. Drainage massage and cryo-relax application to enhance blood circulation and venous flow. This treatment fights heavy feet, provides immediate relief as well as a feeling of constant freshness. (Marine Wrap, Cryo-Relax)

LipoStock Slim Treatment with Kephaslim 60’ -  95€

Special treatment of local fat with Kephaslim biomolecules, which accelerate the burning of fat that is difficult to remove. Reduces fluid retention and improves skin appearance. The treatment includes a toning exfoliation followed by a firming body mask and a specialized massage to maintain the firmness of the skin after pregnancy or weight loss. Activates the connective tissue and improves the synthesis of collagen and elastin of the skin resulting in tightening and sculpting of the body.

Our recommendation:

Choose a mini facial treatment according to your needs and combine it with your body care with an additional charge of 40 euros.