Fall will be arriving, cool days will be showing up, and you will have this strong need to welcome winter with a kind-of-summer mood and a boosting experience. Miraggio Kassandra Run is the weekend event you are looking for!


Find your flow and regain your fitness sway with this half-Marathon route along the coastline of one of the most beautiful places in Greece.  Kassandra is considered to be a paradise and this run will give you the chance to reveal some of its secrets and wonders.

The route has been designed during May and tested by Anton Shipulin and Alexander Legkov, Olympic Champions. The starting line is at the Kanistro cape. You will kick off from the tip of the Kassandra peninsula, run along the rural trail which serves farmers during the olive harvest season. Olive trees, bushes and pines will be your companions. This is a scenic diverse route of awe-inspiring terrain within everyone’s running ability. Gentle descends, easy hikes and breathtaking views will lead you to the picturesque 19th century little church of Saint Nicholas in front of the sea at Kanistro.

Miraggio Kassandra Run is the ideal way to combine total use of the resort’s unique spa facilities and sport venues and everyday exploration of the surrounding area. Naturally benefited by its seafront position and its mineral-rich underground hot spring, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort offers you tailor-made water healing treatments and the latest cardiovascular and weight-training equipment to pursue your health and fitness goals with the help of our Instructors and coaches.


Grab the opportunity for the best autumn fitness weekend and sign up for the Miraggio Kassandra Run 2019. Time to reward yourself!

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