Every day has its special sway

What does “your once-in-a-life” day feels like? Find out at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort. Let the fables and the galas on-ice draw your heart and eyes. Run away, run a marathon, come back. Grasp a piece of the world from the skies. Revel and retreat. At Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort there’s always something on. Every day has its own special sway. World-class shows and events welcome your new memories.

Let yourself be inspired. Make a gift to your partner. Surprise your children.

Explore what’s on and book your once-in-a-lifetime experience, now!



Miraggio Chef's Table

May 23 - Panos Ioannidis

For the next “Miraggio Chef’s Table” the Executive Chef of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort invites you to meet the well known chef and Master Chef Greece's judge, Chef Panos Ioannidis.

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Miraggio Chef's Table

July 11 - Dimitris Kotsivos

For this “Miraggio Chef’s Table” the Executive Chef of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort invites you to meet Ciel's Chef, Mr. Dimitris Kotsivos.

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III Miraggio Music Festival

Dates to be announced

This summer in Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is going to be marked with the touch of Art!

The third Annual Miraggio Music Festival starring world-acclaimed international stars will be held this season.

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Οctober 11

Miraggio is offering, for the second time, one of the most fascinating half Marathon routes crossing the Kassandra in Halkidiki. Discover this blessed place’s secrets while taking advantage of the resort’s facilities, the running way.

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Terms & Conditions for the Purchase of Event Tickets

These services are facilitated by the Hotel through any channel of its network, i.e. either through the website or other points of presence, whether physical or not, proprietary or owned by Hotel’s partners and agents. The price corresponding to the reservation and issue of event tickets from any Hotel channel (online or physical network, proprietary or owned by Hotel’s partners and agents), using any method of payment (card, cash, etc.), is normally collected through a payment services provider referred to in Law 3862/2010 cooperating with each Third Provider being the legal recipient that directly receives all proceeds.


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If the user does not receive a transaction code (through a confirmation page, by email, or to their mobile phone) after the submission of particulars for the completion of the transaction, or if a error message is displayed or the service is interrupted while sending the particulars, the user must contact the customer service department of Hotel to check whether the transaction has been completed or not. Hotel may not be held liable for pecuniary or other loss if for any reason the user has not received a booking/transaction confirmation.



The cost of each product offered through the Website will be determined by the Hotel. Where a Third Provider’s commercial policy so permits, a booking facilitator may offer a ticket price lower than the price set by the Hotel. 



Cancellations are typically not possible, while changes, are usually allowed within a specific time limit from the date of the event selected by the user.
Before making a purchase, users may request information in writing or by phone from Hotel in relation to the changes policy applied by the relevant Third Provider. Users who wish to change their reservation or a product supplied through the Website may contact Hotel at mpt@miraggio.gr. If the Hotel’s terms allow for cancellation or change, users will be informed accordingly, and the relevant terms will also apply to any refund and to any amount that might be withheld as cancellation fee. In this context, a user may have to directly contact the Hotel to complete the cancellation, change or refund procedure, if this option is available. Any claims of service users (consumers) may be submitted directly to the relevant Third Provider that has collected the price from the issue of the tickets. 


In accordance with Law 2251/1994 on consumer protection, as in force, and particularly in respect of distance contracts (online or by phone), services associated with leisure activities are expressly excluded from the right of withdrawal within the meaning of this law, if the contract stipulates a specific performance date or time limit. Therefore, this exception applies to all kinds of event tickets made available through the Website. 



    1. The purchase of a ticket grants the ticket holder the right to attend the event indicated on the ticket, provided that he accepts and complies with the terms of venue operation. A spectator’s entry to the event will be construed as unreserved acceptance of these terms.

    2. The ticket will allow one entry and will be valid only if sold at an official point of sale. The exchange, resale and distribution of tickets in general will be prohibited. Tickets purchased with the intention of being used for business, commercial, advertising or other purposes without the organiser’s permission may be cancelled.

    3. The Organiser may prohibit the entry of persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, carrying bottles or other dangerous or inflammable objects, even if they hold tickets. The transfer and use of audiovisual equipment inside the venue (to video and audio record and take photographs of the event in whole or in part) will be prohibited. Ticket holders acknowledge that their personal belongings may be searched in the context of the above prohibitions.

    4. The Organisers will not be held liable for any quarrels between spectators, any damage or loss of personal belongings of spectators at the venue. Further, they will not replace stolen or lost tickets.

    5. The audience must follow the instructions of the Organisers’ security staff and representatives in safety issues. Crowd surfing is strictly prohibited for safety reasons. 

    6. If the event is postponed due to force majeure that renders the performance of the event impossible, or for organisation reasons, the Organisers reserve the right to change the date, time and place of the event by making a relevant announcement on the media. In this case, the tickets will remain valid and will not be refunded. The Organisers also reserve the right to change the event programme.

    7. If an event is cancelled, tickets will be refunded within a certain period of time at the points to be announced on the media. Spectators acknowledge that the organisers will not be responsible to pay compensation for any costs incurred as a result of the cancellation, other than the price of the tickets.

    8. An event will be considered to have been completed and will not be postponed if interrupted and postponed for reasons of force majeure not earlier than thirty-five (35) minutes from its start. In this case tickets will not be refunded.

    9. If the same ticket allows entry to/attendance of several events, happenings, performances, concerts (e.g. festival) and the performance of a group or individual artist is cancelled, spectators acknowledge that they will be refunded the corresponding portion of the ticket price and that the Organiser will not rely on any assessments of the artistic value of the group or artist that did not perform. 

    10. This ticket will not entitle its holder to any other free item, unless so announced. Purchase of items at the bar/canteen is optional.

    11. Portions of the event may be video/audio recorded. Any audience appearing in those portions may make no claims against the recording company or the Organisers. 

    12. In the case of discounted tickets (for students, youth, unemployed, etc), holders must carry and show at the event entry the relevant card/certificate (student pass, unemployment card, etc).