Hydro Bath Rituals


Hydro Bath with Lavender Collection 75’ - 130€

Discover the right balance in your everyday endeavours, to achieve perfect harmony between the body, mind, and soul. Lavender bath is formulated with Lavender and Cajeput essential oils, Vanilla, Calendula extract and Orange Blossom aromatic water. This perfect combination alleviates stress and mitigates the feeling of tiredness. The unique experience is completed with the application of exfoliation, wrap and oil Lavender which have sedative, antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic benefits. The amazing aroma of Lavender transports you immediately to another dimension filled with peace and serenity.


Hydro Bath with Aqua Essential 50’ - 90€

It is the basic treatment for any thalassotherapy program. The hydromassage with Germaine de Capuccini Aqua essential oil in powder form with strong anti-ageing properties, helps to regenerate skin cells, soften and smoothen hard, dry and chapped skin. This great treatment rejuvenates skin and drives away stress, anxiety and depression, regaining the joy of life. After the use of the water bath, a body exfoliation is followed with algae extract and a massage with aloe Vera.


Hydro Bath with Vitality Essential 50’ - 90€

Antioxidant bath with Vitality Essential. The citrus and mandarin that characterize this powder helps tremendously to detoxify the body in record time. Before using the bath, there is an exfoliation with papaya seeds and then a massage with a vitamin C mask. The skin remains smooth and radiant immediately after the Vitality Essential Bath.