Miraggio invites you to discover Chalkidiki’s natural blessings in terms of Greek herbs and honey as well as our well celebrated olive oil, in personalized treatments full of ceremony and authenticity. (Not suitable for honey allergens).


Xenios Foot bath ceremony                                                                                      25min/50€

A traditional welcome ceremony with a herbal bath and foot massage


Body Peel with Olive Oil, milk & salt                                                                         25min/50€

A traditional Greek peel eliminating dead cells using natural salt which is deeply nourishing for the skin


After Sun Body & Face Corrective treatment with yoghurt and honey                     50min/80€

The ideal treatment to soothe the skin after sun exposure and provide deep and natural hydration


“Aphrodite's” Face & Body Anti-Ageing treatment                                                   75min/125

Traditional anti-ageing treatment for face & body with natural Greek products. Feel the era's beauty philosophy.

(Body scrub with Olive oil & salt, Face scrub with olive oil & salt, Body anti-ageing massage, Natural face lift massage, body & face hydration with yoghurt and honey)


Harmonia Balancing Massage with milk & honey                                                        50min/100€

Medium pressure anti-stress massage aimed at detoxifying the muscles, activating blood circulation and relaxing the body and mind.


Alexander Invigorating Massage with Olive Oil & Tsipouro                                        50min/100€

A revitalising body massage to activate blood and lymphatic circulation, including specific “heating” movements for energy renewal. Traditional Greek olive oil in combination with Greek tsipouro to ensure complete rejuvenation.


Our Ancient Greek body massages have been enriched with local products for an authentic experience


Rates are subject to change. All prices are in Euro and are inclusive of applicable taxes



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