The Team-Building your company deserves

The essence for all cherished life events and successes is relationships. When people come together, great things happen! The Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort Event Team can create destination-bonding events that are exclusively for your team, starting with customizable packages and working all the way to meet your corporate culture needs. Find out how you can enhance your working relationships at Kassandra, Halkidiki.

Wine Bingo


Discover a variety of great wines and reconnect with your team, while you are trying to guess the characteristics and undertones of each blend, in this unique game of Bingo.

(Each session can be played by 32 people or less, divided in groups of 4 people and with the use of iPad).


Price per session400€ - VAT is included

Cigars and Wine Degustation


Indulge into the world of wine and fine cigars and relax with your co-workers, while bonding over wine tasting, cigar smoking, and binge biting.

(Each session can be reserved for 30 people or less)


Price per person50€ - VAT is included


Mixology Lesson with Greek spirits


Enjoy a mixology lesson with cocktail-making demonstration where you can discover & taste original drinks with Greek spirits and local ingredients such as Ouzo, Mastika Liqueur, and Premium aged Tsipouro, Rosemary and Oregano.

(Each session can be reserved for 20 people or less)


Price per session360€ - VAT is included 


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