Hydro Bath Rituals

Bath with ThalassoOligo for Rejuvenation & Hydration        50' - 90€

This is essential treatment of any thalasso therapy program. The hydro bath ThalassoOligo with exclusive sea water elements by THALION in powder form, saturates the body with sea minerals and trace elements, relieves fatigue, and gives deep relaxation &a sense of rejuvenation. Feel completely revitalised after the application of Velvet body cream.
(Scrub by Thalion, Hydrobath with ThalassoOligo, Hydration with Velvet Body Butter or Moisturizing Milk)

Hydro bath with Magnesium – Calcium care                       50' - 90€

Mineral scrub & Hydro bath care enriched with marine magnesium compounds, assists with calcium deficiency and improves muscle work. These calcium or magnesium-rich marine mud abounds in analgesic and stress-relieving effects. The Magnesium mineral that is required in over 300 metabolic body functions every day for the well being of our body and especially our nervous system. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body. There is an increased need in children and people of over 50 years of age – especially postmenopausal women. Finally, in this great ritual, a Velvet body cream is applied on your body for a deep hydration and elasticity effect.
(Scrub by Thalion, Hydrobath with Magnesium & Calcium, Hydration with Velvet Body Butter or Moisturizing Milk)

Botanical ancient Greek Herbal Bath                                    50' - 90€

Peeling with olive oil & salt and a hydro bath with soda, chamomile, dittany & sage, provides you with a unique detoxification experience. An ancient Greek traditional ritual for cleansing, deep hydration and nourishing of your skin.
(Scrub with Olive Oil & Salt, Botanical Hydrobath with soda chamomile, dittany & sage)


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