International Balloon Fiesta

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

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Located on the breathtaking Halkidiki Peninsula, Miraggio surpasses all expectations and delivers everything you could wish for. From the extensive pools to the ultimate pampering in our luxurious Thermal Spa Centre, the Resort has something for everybody.

Let us celebrate the 4th Anniversary together and mark this special day with multicolored hot-air balloons!

Miraggio International Balloon Fiesta will launch into the sky approximately 7 hot air balloons in June 07-11, 2019. The festival will last for almost a week, filling each day with true emotions, spectacular events and real surprises.  Except for the showy opening and closing ceremonies, the Festival will offer a spectacular smoke show with parachute jumpers, a fiesta competition program and balloon rides. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Festival of Balloons without the ever impressive Night Glow event. At predetermined signals, the pilots blast the propane burners, releasing a burst of fire into the balloon. The balloons “glow” like huge fireflies or Chinese lanterns; accompanied by fireworks … it is a truly magical sight.