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Posted by Lia Vrastaminou, Human Resources Manager at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

5 Work From Home Tips


These days our daily routine has changed a lot, and most of us, the lucky ones who managed to keep our jobs, changed from our daily commute to for office to working remotely.

At the same time, especially after the anxiousness that came with the global effects, we have this new challenging demand ahead of us. And so we read, we did some research and now we present to you 5 tips in order for remote work to be more efficient and less worrisome. 

TIP 1.: Get up at regular hours and prepare as if you're going to the office. Follow "Dress for Success" style of clothing. Pour a cup of coffee or tea and find a good house spot where you will be able to work.

TIP 2: Consider that you have a set schedule and specific deadlines. If you don't maintain regular hours, you will probably go through your email messages all day long. Find the hours of the day you are the most productive and make sure to unplug your PC at the end of the day.


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TIP 3: Take regular breaks. Go to the balcony, take some fresh air and return refreshed and creative. Have small high-energy snacks, like fruit, energy bars and nuts etc.

TIP 4: Talk with your collegues frequently, on viber, live chat etc. in order to co-ordinate the work more efficiently, as well as follow closely the stages of your projects.

TIP 5: Avoid using your personal social media. Follow the politics of your company even when at home. You will perform more efficiently without any distractions.


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