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Posted by Antigoni Tsompanoglou, Sales & Marketing Manager at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

High quality holidays with eco-consciousness

The five-star, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, is in Kanistro, in front of the beach of the same name, In the southernmost part of Kassandra, Chalkidiki. Kanistro acquires its name from the ancient word “kanistro” (kaneon, kanistra) which is a wide-length woven basket.

The clear as crystal beach has always been famous as an excellent fishing spot and, due to its remote location, there had never been any tourist development. However, since 2016, when Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, the luxurious eco-friendly hotel, opened its doors, the area became accessible and the resort is offering a jaw-dropping view over its beautiful green rooftops to the Aegean Sea. It's a landscape of extraordinary beauty, a mixture of rocks and sea, pine and olive trees. 

Miraggio Kassandra

The nearest residential area, Paliouri (or ancient Theramvos, according to Herodotus), is populated by its 800 citizens who, beside tourism, usually do agricultural work. Other picturesque residential areas are the fishing village of Aghios Nikolaos, Aghia Paraskevi and Chrousso.  

The distance between Thessaloniki and the “Macedonia” airport is around 120 km. Transporting by car usually lasts about 1,5 hour, while there’s also a bus stop in Paliouri, 8 km far from the resort.

There are also Chrousso, Panagia and Avlaki beaches at close range as well as other famous beaches like Chrissi Ammos and Glarokavos, at the north side of the resort. One should also try the well-known healing waters of Aghia Paraskevi village.

Miraggio Agios Nikolaos Kanistro

Green Holidays with low environmental impact

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is located on a land of extraordinary beauty and almost without any human intervention. Our main purpose was to create a resort that would have the lowest impact on this beautiful natural environment. 

Miraggio entrance

  • For its construction, natural materials, in complete harmony with the natural surroundings, were used. The company tried to protect the environment and to contribute to green growth.
  • A fully modern geothermal water exchanger was installed in order to save energy for the supply of hot water, space heating and cooling.
Miraggio green rooftops

  • The rooms’ green rooftops contribute to reducing the greenhouse effect  while improving the area’s air and water quality.
  • Also, the resort, with the collaboration of its guests who actively take part in the program, has developed a system of waste management and recycle plastic, aluminum, batteries, glass, fat, paper etc.
Miraggio nature rides

  • Nature rides like hiking, cycling excursions and some other events (that our staff is also participating in) like beach cleaning, reforestation and blood donation are also organized. 
  • Great care has been given for the security of our clients and staff,  smoke detectors have been installed and all the necessary safety labels have been put in place. There is also a Security Department, while smoking is also prohibited in rooms and all common areas. 
Miraggio beach at Kanistro

  • In the name of its social responsibility, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, also supports organizations for children’s safety as well as local entities that take actions for the promotion of the area.
  • For the assurance of the aforementioned actions, except from the necessary and frequent inspections from the state and our collaborators, in order to keep standards and a balanced sustainable development, our hotel also has a Quality Assurance Department. The person in charge of the department is responsible for the standards and strategic developments for their execution, the daily inspection of the process, in order to ensure its quality as well as the effectiveness of the above.

During COVID-19 pandemic, Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort:

- has intensified the quality controls, even though closed during the winter season, applied all the measures WHO and the Government suggested, at once, and adapted in order to secure the safety of the people who are going to visit us when this is allowed.

- has stood by our clients offering them free cancellation and inducements to change the booking dates, ever since the announcement of the pandemic. We also enforced flexible policies for cancellations and new reservations.

- it created a communication channel, for updates concerning coronavirus, where, except from live updates on covid-19 cases, it provides several articles about the pandemic as well as tips for being productive while staying at home. SEE MORE HERE

Miraggio Agios Nikolaos Kanistro


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