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Posted by Anastasia Saramourtsi, Quality Manager at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

Tips for minimizing COVID-19 spread at home through food


Even though Covid-19 has been affecting a great deal of people, there has been no mention of transmission via food consumption until today.

Theoretically, however, food could lead to transmission via touching, as it happens with every surface an infected person comes in contact with.

To avoid this and minimize spreading COVID-19 in the kitchen, take a look at the following #TIPS:

  • We wash our hands before and after shopping, in order to protect ourselves and our surroundings.
  • Remove the food packaging before storing it.

#extraTIP: we don’t forget to write down the product’s expiration date.



  • We adopt strict kitchen hygiene rules, surfaces must be cleaned frequently especially before food preparation. 
  • We thoroughly wash fruit and vegetables with clean water, especially if they are not to be cooked. 
    #extraTIP: we add vinegar before rinsing them. 

  • We don’t forget to wash cooking vessels carefully before reusing them for other food, in order to avoid infection.
  • We comply with the cooking rules (time, temperature) of each food.
  • We wash our hands with hot water and soap before and after food preparation.

The tips were written by the Quality Department of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort.

This Department is authorized to adopt, apply and abide by the quality standards, with the view to ensure the safety and health of our visitors, partners and staff members.  

Except from the safety measures applied by the Greek Government and the Health Services, especially during the pandemic, the Quality Department of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, takes extra measures when it’s needed to ensure both safety and health.



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