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Posted by Giorgos Valourdos, SPA Manager at Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

Preparation guide for our come-back


Soon we will go back to normal.

When this day comes, we would like to be appealing and in shape so that we enjoy every single moment of our summer vacation!

Read the following preparation guide to ensure that your well being is on a good level for the summer!


Light Exercise


Get up now! Chop- chop! Start doing some light exercise. And if you don’t, dedicate 30 minutes per day to go out for speedy walking (only for 10 minutes at first if you haven’t been exercising at all for more than a month).

In that way you will activate your body by losing weight, while also maintaining a healthy blood flow and producing gelatin or collagen.


Right diet


It is truth universally acknowledged: this is the most important step to achieve your goal. There are no secrets when it comes to losing wight. We just have to eat less calories each day. Everyone knows what we should or shouldn’t eat or how many calories must be burned. So stay away from the fridge. Also, it’s no secret that we should eat seasonal salads and fruit for detoxing  

Hippocrates once said that “Food is medicine and medicine should be food”.




Basic Relaxation Principles

1. Clean up the clutter

How can we take our minds off things if our house is messy? Piles of clothes, toys or even magazines are hard to see and your mind gets tired. One easy solution is to buy a few baskets or storage boxes for things that haven’t found their place in your  house. 


2. Make a relaxing playlist

The next step is to listen to the music that helps you relax on your Spotify playlist. We all have different taste and everyone is different so dedicate some time to save the songs that help you to take your mind off things. Make sure you renew the playlist often so that you don’t get bored.

There are also many already existing playlists you can listen to if you’re not picky when it comes to music.


Boost your body’s natural defenses


1. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with a few lemon drops each morning and start hydrating.

2. Create a mixture of oatmeal and almond oil, massage your body and use it as a natural body scrab. Don’t forget to wash it away with cold water.

3. Take good care of hands and feet to prepare for the summer.

4. Enjoy a relaxing hot bath and add some flower water and coconut milk.

5. Hydrate your skin by using a natural mixture of honey and oil for massage.

6. Take care of your lips! Use a lip scrub, with sugar and toxin- free Vaseline, beeswax, olive or almond oil.

7. Relax after a stressful and tiresome week by using homemade anti-stress Compresses: 
In a bowl of hot water add a few droplets of lavender essential oil. Dampen a small towel to clean your face and neck with it.

And since taking care of your body is directly related to relaxation, don’t forget to have a glass of wine, listen to your favorite music, or read a book you consider precious.

Some Extra Tips for relaxation


Lavender scent for your pillowcase

The simplest (but also of great importance) step is the last thing you do before going to bed. To achieve the ultimate relaxation after a stressful and tiresome day, experts suggest the use of lavender. You could use a lavender air freshener, but a spray specifically for your pillowcase is the most efficient. If you are suffering from insomnia, this routine will definitely help you sleep. 


A few minutes of meditation per day can help you relieve stress. Research shows that daily meditation could change the nerve pathways in the brain and help you cope with stress, according to well-being adviser, Robbie Maller Hartmani.



Take a deep breath

Take a five minute break and focus on your breathing. Sit up with your back straight and your eyes closed while having one hand on your abdomen. Breath slowly through your nose. Feel your belly slowly filling up with air as you breathe in and slowly deflating as you breathe out. Do it again.

Taking a deep breath fights stress, slows down your cardiac pace and blood pressure, according to psychologist Judith Tutin.



Slow Down

Tutin also suggests you should dedicate five minutes to focus on your state of mind. Focus on the fresh air as you walk, and how your foot touches the ground. Enjoy the taste of every bite. When you take some time to focus on your senses, you feel less tense. Talk to your friends. Your social circle is one of the greatest tools to cope with anxiety. Talk to them – ideally face to face or at least on the phone. Share what has been happening to your life with them. You may take a different look at what has been happening to you and form a strong bond with them.


Feel in tune with your body

Notice how your body functions so that you understand how stress affects you everyday. Lay down or sit with your fit on the ground. Observe your body from your toes to your head.

Tunin suggests you fully understand the way you tense or relax without trying to change it. For 2 minutes focus on how your breathing affects every part of your body. Repeat the procedure and feel what is happening to your body.

Laugh Loudly

A good laugh can lighten your load mentally. it actually decreases cortisol, the stress hormone and boosts your endorphin levels that help you lighten up. Watch your favorite music, read comics or talk to someone that will make you laugh.

Listen to music

Research shows that slow music has the ability to lower blood pressure, your cardiac pulse and stress levels. Choose your favorite songs, or natural sounds and allow your brain to focus on specific melodies, instruments or singers, as Benninger said. Sing!



Be grateful

Keep a gratitude journal to remember everything good that you have in your life. According to well-being adviser, Joni Emmerling, feeling grateful, pushes away every negative thought and concerns. 

Keep a journal to write down every note-worthy experience, like a child’s smile, a sunny day and your health.
Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments, like learning new skills or starting new activities.
When you start feeling stressed, take a few minutes to go through your notes and remind yourself of the things that are truly important in life.



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